If you are interested in Vanpool or Carpool options, visit This website provides a free matching service to facilitate carpooling and vanpooling amongst its users.

About Vanpools
If your work commute matches to an existing vanpool group, or if you have a group of five or more carpoolers, consider the benefits of becoming a Pace Vanpool participant. Pace supplies the vehicle and covers all costs including fuel, tolls, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and van washes. Riders pay a low monthly fare based on distance and number of participants. The primary driver rides for free and also receives 300 personal miles per month! Backup drivers receive a discounted rate.

About Carpools
Beyond matching users, Pace has no involvement in the operation of a carpool group. It is up to the participants to determine meeting location(s), times, who will drive, cost-sharing arrangements, etc.



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