The following links provide information to help with daily transit.

Planning Your Trip on METRA  Get informed on Metra services at their web site.  This site provides details for riders including ticket purchase, station access, schedules etc.  In the suburbs, most communities manage Metra commuter parking so you may need to contact your local municipality regarding appropriate parking access.  If you drive, arrive at the station with enough time to park and safely access train platforms.    At the Metra station, be sure to exercise caution and be alert for trains especially when crossing any Metra tracks.  Once on board be aware of your station stop.  Announcements are made on the train for upcoming stations.  Ask the conductor if you have any questions.  Metra also makes announcements at the stations regarding scheduling. Sign up to receive alerts on Metra service updates.

Planning Your Trip on CTA The Chicago Transit Authority provides bus and ā€˜Lā€™ service in Chicago and nearby suburbs.  Their web site provides routes, schedules, fares and connections.  Sign up for CTA Bus Tracker which uses GPS devices to report bus location data and more. CTA will in real time, show where buses are on a map and estimate when they will arrive at a bus stop. Also subscribe to receive arrivals and alerts by email or text message.

Planning Your Trip on PACE Once on the Pace bus, proceed along route and exit at your stop. Pace will provide announcements on the bus.  For the afternoon/evening pickup arrive at your designated  stop location a few minutes prior your pick up time to insure you make the bus  connection. Pace makes every effort to adhere to the published schedules.  If there are any bus service issues, passengers should contact Pace Passenger Service within 24 hours of an occurrence.  Have specific information on each occurrence such as route #, date, and location, time of day, personnel involved, /employee ID #and nature of complaint.  Also, inform your Company Transit Coordinator. Make sure to utilize Pace Bus Tracker to view your shuttles actual arrival time. Also visit to sign up for automatic shuttle updates.  

Information on Gray VENTRA Cards Ventra, is a convenient new payment system for the CTA and Pace. Customers can easily manage their accounts online.

Planning Your Trip Using RTA Travel Planner The Regional Transportation Agency (RTA) provides a commuter trip planner to provide commuters with information on which buses or trains to take.


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